2.         Inner  GLOW Juice  What is it Exactly . Its An Activation Of Your Inner Glow That Actually Shines from inside to outside also Known as Your Spirit on the inside and your outside its known as your Aura its your glow your Energy Level your Fuel for life .  A persons EKG Levels are measured by the  Energy current in your Body and if you die in a hospital they try to revive you with electrical shocks from a defibrillator  . A Battery has Energy in it to turn on a Flashlight and when the Battery is dead the Light will no longer shine . This energy is called ALKALINE yes like Alkaline Batteries , Exactly. Alkaline is the CURE for INFLAMMATION and Inflammation or  MUCUS is the #1 root cause

    to ALL DISEASES  from the common cold to Diabetes  Cancer and Aids / HIV This is A Known FACT  Known by both Doctors and Scientists .And Has Been Proven time and time again . How do you get Alkaline ? Alkaline is in Fruits and Vegetables but on different levels or doses depending on how its used and combined or prepared and cooked or not cooked but eaten RAW / Vegan . Yes There’s an Ancient Alkaline Antidote Elixir that  I Call THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH , INNER  GLOW JUICE .” 5 Secret Main ingredients ” Alkaline has been written about in America since The 1930s -60s in a book called HOW TO EAT TO LIVE #1 & #2 BY The Honorable Elijah Muhammad of The Nation of Islam . In his book He says man can LIVE to be 1003 if he would eat right and eat once a week.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad also said  No one would believe him and that when The Caucasian European Comes with this truth in the last days than We would listen .Well I have to admit He was Exactly Right because Author JIM SHRINER wrote LIVE disease free to 103. Americas Leading Health Expert. Wow he lists 10 Doctors that are Alkaline Activists and hes an Expert . Jim Shriner LIVE to 103 / The Honorable Elijah Muhammad HOW TO EAT TO LIVE 1003 . Both on ALKALINE  100 years apart . Yes Id Say T.H.E.M. was Right  .

  3. Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad MD has found a CURE For AIDS /HIV in RAW Milk .A CURE For Aids and Hiv in Raw Milk . YES

  4.   Dr . Sebi Teaches ALKALINE Is The CURE to ALL Diseases He was Sued for Fraud by the New York State Attorney General taken All the way to the Supreme Court and Dr Sebi WON his Case. He brought in 77 witness that had previous diagnoses for Cancer HIV and Diabetes  and that had ALKALINE under Dr. Sebi Care and instruction and are Now HEALED WHOLE .ALKALINE . I might add that the Platinum Rapper LEFT EYE Of T.L.C. was diagnosed with a so called Death DISEASE and she went to see Dr. Sebi In Africa and she was HEALED WHOLE from ALKALINE , she went on a 30 Day Fast and after Talking With God she said she couldnt wait to get back to America and tell the world Dr Sebi is Curing Aids with Alkaline . She Died Mysteriously in a Car Accident Never Making it Here To Deliver This Message  .

  5. Another Alkaline Activists is

  6. Stanley Burroughs Hes the Author of MASTER CLEANSER Lemonaide Diet. ALKALINE in his book he writes that he came in contact with his Alkaline recipe in his Brotherhood Lodge and when he exposed his findings publicly he was arrested and taken to prison by his BROTHERS and The Judicial System for violating his oath Not To Reveal Secrets from his Lodge.While in Prison He Cured Diseases as he Taught The Medical Staff his Findings .Read his Book on Color Therapy Chromology and Reflexology “Healing For The Age Of Enlightenment” As Ashra Kwesi of KemetNu.com Says “Somebody dont want You Knowing Something About Your Self “. America Has Profited Long Enough from False Claims of Medicinal Treatments . The World is making a Great Shift People are Waking Up . Now This information brings me to REIKI .Usui Ryoho Reiki . which is a Super Intelligent Universal Living  LIGHT  an external but Eternal Spiritual Alkaline . An Ancient Eastern Practice STAY TUNED until than you can contact me at my email innerglowjuice@gmail.com & see FaceBook Page


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